Guest post by Susie Thompson, Mum of 4, who loves to travel with her kids.
Travelling with children isn’t always the easiest of experiences. While holidays away are an excellent means of relaxing and relieving the stress of daily life, having the wee ones come along can sometimes pose a totally new challenge. Fear not, however – it isn’t all doom and gloom. Today, let’s take a look at five great tips when it comes to taking kids abroad.
1.     Book in advance
Booking ahead of time is a guaranteed way to make sure your trip is as easy possible, even with the kids in tow. You’ll always be smart to employ this tactic when it comes to a holiday, but it’s particularly wise with the kids around.
The last thing you’ll want is to arrive at your accommodation or for a day out and find your plans have been scuppered. The kids will become easily irritated and will make an already stressful situation even harder.
As well as that, you’ll also find booking ahead of time will save you a considerable amount on things like hotels and flights. You can use price comparison sites to see just how much money you’ll save by booking early.

2.     Pack Smart (for kids)
“Take what you need” is a mantra bandied about when it comes to adult travel, but things are a little different when young ones are involved. You definitely don’t want to overburden them with items, but at the same time you also need to keep them entertained.
Make sure you leave room in their hand luggage or travel packs for something which’ll keep them occupied on the journey, or at your hotel room when there’s nothing else to do. Happy children are quiet children – which is what you’ll need when trying to make things as simple as possible for everyone.
3.     Arrive ahead of schedule for flights
Reaching your destination often poses one of the greatest challenges when it comes to booking a holiday. Factoring in children to this process serves to provide you with the almightiest of headaches.
It might sound nightmarish on paper, but there are ways of dealing with flying with children. One of the best is to make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of time. This gives you the chance to make all the necessary adjustments and changes you need to. This includes stuff like:
·      Toilet breaks
·      Nappy changes
·      Queuing
4.     Bring Snacks
Healthy snacks  are a clever way of keeping the little ones satisfied, while also boosting their energy levels. You can go to the extent of creating handmade bites prior to travel, or simply purchase pre-made things like carrot sticks or cucumber slices.
It’s also a good idea to make sure the items you’re bringing along aren’t going to go off if left around for too long. Only take foods which have a long shelf-life, or else you might be forced to throw them out relatively promptly.
5.     Use a child-locating app
The wonders of the modern age have meant it’s not easier than ever to make sure your kids are safe while you’re on your travels. GPS systems and child-tracking apps now make it possible to keep a constant vigilance of where your wee one is at all times.
If you take heed of these five great tips for taking kids abroad, you’ll find things considerably easier in the future.