With her signature wit, AK Turner deftly slays all the dragons separating “life with kids” from “life with travel and adventure.” Determined to prove that long-term travel need not be reserved for the lone male traveler, Turner tackles obstacles including working while traveling, affording an extended trip, pulling kids out of school, and what to do with them once you’ve done so. With stories from the author’s experiences in a dozen locations around the globe, and the honest and hilarious admissions of her fears along the way, Vagabonding with Kids is a timely affirmation of why we should all journey forth.

The Turners are on the road again in a raucous continuation of the Vagabonding with Kids series,exploring Brazil from the Amazon rain forest to Rio’s famed Copacabana Beach. But this time the in-laws are along for the ride, and three generations have to survive close quarters, radioactive beaches, and jungle hammocks for accommodations. Armed with little knowledge of Portuguese, but a great appreciation for the Brazilian national drink, the nomadic family finds adventure (and laughter) at every turn.

AK Turner wants to cuddle with a wombat. She wants it bad. In the hilarious sequel toVagabonding with Kids, the nomadic family of four continues their journey with a two-month trip Down Under. AK Turner indulges her fascination with prisons, with no understanding of why her husband would rather spend every day at the beach. Their daughters aren’t motivated by either, and are instead enthralled with the wonders of public toilets. As the Turners wind their way through Australia, all eyes are on the lookout for adventure. And wombats.

Don’t forget the bear spray. This is foremost in AK Turner’s mind as she travels with her husband and two daughters north through Canada, along the Alaska Marine Highway, and ultimately to a tiny, roadless island, accessible only by boat from the nearby town of Sitka. The foursome adapts to island life, where their neighbors are few humans and thousands of giant slugs. With adventures in hot-springs hunting, fishing (kill the fish before filleting), and hiking on rain-forested volcanic islands, Vagabonding with Kids: Alaska provides raucous insight into life on the Alexander Archipelago.

“Brutal honesty and boozy hilarity. Turner deserves to have a cocktail named after her.” Jen MannNew York Times bestselling author of People I Want to Punch in the Throat

“If Bill Bryson were a traveling mom, he’d be AK Turner’s spirit animal.” Erica Virvo, Director of Global Operations, Nomadic Matt

“The perfect cross between Nora Ephron, David Sedaris, and Chelsea Handler.” Elaine Ambrose, Midlife Happy Hour

“Did Erma Bombeck ever guzzle vodka? If she did, she might have come close to the ribald domestic humor in Turner’s ‘momoir’ This Little Piggy Went to the Liquor Store.” The Quivering Pen

“I love the Vagabonding with Kids series. It’s like getting all the adventure but making AK Turner take all the mosquito bites on your behalf.” Lynn Morrison, The Nomad Mom Diary

“A thrilling trek through the Amazonian rainforest and a vibrant read about the adventures of being a vagabonding family.” – Lisa Ferland, Knocked Up Abroad

“AK Turner keeps it real in Vagabonding with Kids: Brazil, an entertaining snapshot of family life on the road that speaks to the traveler, the parent, the adventurer.” – Rob Taylor, 2TravelDads

“AK Turner shares what many of us only dream of, traveling the world with children. While it’s not romanticized as being challenge-free, she shares a life experience interlaced with humorous moments that make many of us believe our dreams are actually within reach… if we can just take that first step.” – Jim Pickell, President, HomeExchange.com

“Refreshing, honest, and humorous. I couldn’t put it down!” – Vicky Etherington, Eat Sleep Love Travel

“A hilarious and uncensored adventure – Turner’s stories of family travel go from cute as a koala bear to crazy as a Tasmanian devil faster than your kids can say, ‘Are we there yet?’” – Susanne Kerns, The Dusty Parachute

“Capturing the real face of family travel – the laughs, anxiety, and adjustments – Vagabonding with Kids: Australia takes you on the trip of a lifetime to the land Down Under. A brilliant read for all parents, travelers, and wanderlusters.” – Alyson Long, World Travel Family

“… a rollicking, outrageous, hilarious adventure. Buckle up!” – Michelle Newman, You’re My Favorite Today

“Adventurous, funny, and inspirational, this book will convince you that traveling with kids isn’t impossible. It’s irresistible.” – Karen Alpert, New York Times bestselling author of I Heart My Little A-Holes and I Want My Epidural Back

“Everyone dreams of escaping the 9-to-5, but few have the guts to actually do it. AK dares to live her life on purpose and has realized early in life that true riches aren’t reflected in accumulated possessions but are the vast and unique experiences we collect. If you’re ready to dive into the digital nomad lifestyle, you must read this book. AK proves anyone can do it – even a family!” – Christy Hovey, The 9-to-5 Escape Artist: A Startup Guide for Aspiring Lifestyle Entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads