Little Black Dress

If you don’t know what an LBD is…

Little. Black. Dress.

Everyone woman – and man who wears dresses – needs one.


  • It makes you look good
  • It makes you feel good
  • It’s there for you when you don’t know what else to do

Just like an editor.

A good editor makes you look good. She saves you from embarrassing yourself and always presents your good side.

A good editor makes you feel good. He offers constructive criticism but always in ways that give you a vision of you at your best. He’s a boost and a boon.

A good editor is there for you when you don’t know what else to do. Instead of ending it all because of your deeply flawed plot, let your editor help. She’ll shine a light where you need it most.

So, how do you care for a good LBD? The same way you maintain your relationship with your editor.

Respect – You don’t leave a good LBD crumpled in the corner of your bathroom. You hang it (no wire hangers!) in its rightful and respected place in your closet. Your editor deserves even more respect. Because she’s not clothing.

Acknowledgment – Your LBD makes you look better than you actually are. Just like your editor. Pay homage. There’s an acknowledgements page for a reason.

Compensation – When you find the right LBD, you hand over your credit card. Whenever I hear a writer balk at the cost of a good editor, I throw up in my mouth, just a little. You will never know how many fewer books you’d sell without a good editor, or how many more you sold because of a true word wizard. Pay the bill, give thanks, and shut your adverb-spewing trap.

My books go through three editors, two of whom I know and one who is anonymous to me but works for my publisher. These people are golden. I love them and if they ever try to leave me, I will hug them and pet them and lock them in my basement.


But still. Find yourself a good editor (and it’s like marriage, you might have to date around a bit before finding the right fit) and never let go.

Unless you have to… just a little so he can breathe.


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