When it comes to exploring the world, we want our children to get as much out of the experience as we do. It’s not about taking vacations and dragging the kids along with us, it’s about living and working in another culture, and learning about that culture as a family.

To that end, and drawing on her inquisitiveness and ability to engage with people, my daughter Emilia just launched her own website and podcast, Girl Around the World. She’s nine, after all, so it’s high time she did something with her life.

Helping Emilia create her podcast has been more than just a fun little venture. She now has ownership of something that showcases her strengths. It breeds confidence, which has unfortunately eluded her on the elementary school playground. Whether or not she garners listeners, the exercise has been hugely beneficial. It illustrates the potential that exists when we stop looking at our children’s education as something that has to follow the traditional model. It opens up a world of possibilities, whether we’re traveling or not.

To date she’s interviewed people from locations around the globe – Alaska, Kenya, Germany, Australia, and Mexico to name a few. And she’s adept at recording on the go, carrying her microphone with her and conducting interviews at campsites, in museums, and on ferry boats.

Episodes are posted at Girl Around the World and on iTunes. With the podcast up and running, we’re now focused on finding the right project for her little sister. Nothing’s been decided as of yet, but it’s never too early to start fostering an entrepreneurial spirit.

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