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Some people are of the mindset that once you have kids, the party stops. This group lives it up while they can because they believe once kids are part of the equation, the fun stops and the seriousness begins. They believe once you have children, heaven forbid you take them on a three-month trip to Roatan or become expats in Mexico for nine months. They fear the children will lose their identity and not be able to catch up (conform) with their peers when they return. This school of thought frowns upon nomadic living and encourages continuity in all areas, including establishing a no-move policy once the children become school age.

Getting into the school district of choice becomes the parents’ top priority. They believe only children sent to private and top charter schools beginning in kindergarten and finishing as twelfth-graders will be high-level thinkers and top wage earners. This group of parents is hyper-focused on the standard pathways of success as determined by the status quo.

9-to-5 escape artists have a different mindset. We prefer experience with knowledge versus just knowledge. I’ll take someone with business and street smarts any day over someone with head knowledge but zero application. Children of 9-to-5 escape artists are compassionate because they’ve seen other children in second or third world countries. They don’t just look at pictures of great monuments; they’ve been to them because their parents aren’t location based.

There’s a huge online community based on nomadic homeschooling and RV schooling. Check out some of the blogs. They’re really fun to read! The RoadSchool Mom podcast is rated number five among all educational podcasts, so there’s an obvious draw to learning about schooling children in a non-traditional way.

Here are a few places where you can get useful information to help with homeschooling or developing a hybrid-homeschool plan while traveling:

·      U.S.-Sponsored Overseas Schools (
·      Pinterest has thousands of ideas for unit studies while you’re traveling with your kids. (A unit study means choosing one topic and combining different subjects to revolve around and tie into that topic.)

We 9-to-5 escape artists choose to defy the status quo because it doesn’t work for us. Something in our very nature fights against mediocrity and working our asses off so someone else can achieve their goals. We have our own goals in mind. We wake up every day with the intention of creating our best lives because we have only one life, and it’s with a pre-set amount of days. We don’t know what that number is, and we want to exhaust every opportunity to live a good life. If you have a special circumstance, you are not excluded from these statements. In fact, just the opposite. If you’ve been given more obstacles than the average person, then the 9-to-5 escape artist lifestyle is right up your alley.

If life hands you unexpected news, be encouraged that you can successfully design your work and business endeavors around it. Nothing is insurmountable, especially if you design life with purposeful intention around the needs and responsibilities that you owe to yourself and to others.

If you use the Internet to make money, and you want to live a nomadic lifestyle, here are some helpful sites and apps to help you successfully navigate through your decision to live it up with your family:


Home exchange sites:

International Vacation Home Exchange (


Things to do while living somewhere else: (choose your location) (choose your location)

CityMaps2Go (Offline map app in case Google Maps fails you. Search locations and streets without access to the Internet.) Download from iTunes or Google Play.

Cultural immersion: Lonely Planet and Footprint guides

For travel planning, TripIt works offline and will save your booking information for hotels, cars, and flights. You can create itineraries and prevent unnecessary time loss due to disorganization.

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