“When AK Turner speaks, you not only listen, you also laugh. A lot. The wellspring of humor that makes her writing (Vagabonding with Kids) so enjoyable is just as evident when she speaks, no matter whether she’s talking about the craft of writing, the all-important marketing platform, or simply weaving a delightful tale. She intrigues and entertains audiences at readings, conferences, or any occasion where a good story well told is welcome.” – Doug Copsey, Idaho Writers Guild

“AK Turner, the New York Times best selling author, part time digital nomad, and full time humorist delivers a fast paced and funny presentation about compelling reasons why she has chosen to take her kids out of school for extended stays in foreign countries.  Her talk covered traveling overseas with her in-laws, sleeping in hammocks suspended in an oven-like setting with complete strangers, getting along with koala bears, and life in a tree house. She is highly entertaining and was enjoyed by our entire group.”   – Jim Baldwin, Rotary Club of Boise Southwest

AK Turner is available as a luncheon speaker, keynote, or for evening entertainment. Popular addresses include the following, and can be tailored to fit a specific niche, topic, or industry, including entrepreneurship, travel, writing, parenting, productivity, multiculturalism, and humor.

Success, Failure, & Other Common Myths
If I work more, I’ll make more money. And if I make more money, I won’t have to work so much. Right? Wrong! Turner exposes the idea that More Money = Success = More Time for the myth it truly is, while also highlighting the benefits of “failure”- the tools we need to learn, grow, and move forward. With illustrations from icons in the literary world, Turner brings the focus of life back to meaningful engagements and time truly well spent.

Creating Authority in Business through Global Perspective
The importance of a worldly view in today’s connected society cannot be overstated. Through education in the three disciplines of multiculturalism, the benefits of diversity, and mindful perspective, we position ourselves as leaders in business innovation. The experiences we gather on a global scale, and the manner in which we share those experiences, through writing, speaking, and translating them into business culture, create authority that allows us to outperform the general population. With stories from the world’s top female CEOs, we explore the undeniable edge gained by approaching life and work from a global perspective.

Travel as a Tool to Succeed in Business
The skills we cultivate through travel are the arsenal we need to succeed in the business world.

–  Without renewing our sense of creativity, we are in danger of growing stagnant. Travel reignites our inner creativity, as it forces us into problem solving in unfamiliar situations and gives us a broader perspective of both the world at large and the task before us.

–  Exposure to other cultures gives us the tools needed to communicate and work with a diverse population, a skill necessary to cultivate positive business culture.

–  Travel forces us to streamline our relationships with technology, focusing on efficient practices and eliminating negative, irrelevant online habits.

With real world examples, Turner illustrates how global experiences lend themselves to successes in the corporate arena.

The Benefits of Multiculturalism in Life and Business
Incorporating multiculturalism into life can be achieved in many ways, through travel, actively promoting diversity, and engaging in global studies. The benefits to personal life include the fostering of compassion, gratitude, and a sense of wonder. In the business arena, greater multicultural understanding leads to broader perspective, enhanced creativity, and greater aptitude for problem solving. With examples from her own experiences as well as those of women business leaders around the world, AK Turner demonstrates why multiculturalism is not only beneficial, but imperative.

AK Turner is a New York Times bestselling author, humorist, and part-time digital nomad. Turner travels with her husband and two young daughters for four months of every year to live and work in different countries. From the Amazon jungle to southern Tasmania to remote islands in Alaska, Turner is committed to promoting multiculturalism and equality. Learn more at www.VagabondingWithKids.com.

For booking inquiries, contact Amanda@AKTurner.com.

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