AK Turner is available as a luncheon speaker, keynote, or for evening entertainment. Popular addresses include the following, and can be tailored to fit a specific niche, topic, or industry, including entrepreneurship, travel, writing, parenting, productivity, and humor.

Success, Failure, & Other Common Myths
If I work more, I’ll make more money. And if I make more money, I won’t have to work so much. Right? Wrong! Turner exposes these ideas for the myths they truly are and brings the focus of life back to meaningful engagements and time truly well spent.

My Day Off: Less Likely Than a Unicorn
Being your own boss is wonderful until that day when you really need to call in sick. Demands are compounded by the fact that you’re expected to work five days a week. Plus weeknights. And weekends. There are options to alleviate the weight of an oppressive calendar and tools to remind (convince) yourself that you truly love your job.

How to Clone Yourself for Greater Productivity
Because if I just had one more me, I wouldn’t be drowning in work. Putting systems in place to increase productivity can be effective. Or disastrous. This humorous talk reminds us of pitfalls and redefines productivity.

Out of the Country, Still in the Office
When it comes to the growing wave of digital nomads and lifestyle entrepreneurs, technology both expands our capabilities and shackles us to the internet. Learn the benefits and realities of working online from the other side of the world.

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Crimes Against English (Performed Live at the Egyptian Theatre)